America First Conservative

Paola Tulliani Zen "The People's Choice" is a trust I strive to earn from the voters


As your Governor, I will embrace bold traditional American values of ingenuity and common sense. I will work toward swift solutions and stop this excessive ineffective leadership type that we have experienced. I will uphold our constitution, honor, and be worthy of the duty given to me by the people of Arizona.

Experienced in building strong business models from the ground up, I easily grasp the many processes that foster success. I know how to make deals, bring people together, create and implement solutions, and overcome obstacles. And yes, I am fiercely competitive. Hire me: I will get to work and produce wins for all of us. We will finally get the results we have been waiting for.

Embracing the gift of being a forward-thinker, I have been able to rise above the rest time and time again. I am not a career politician or celebrity seeking fame and fortune. Here only to serve, I will protect and empower all Arizonans. I have been blessed with success which allows me the time and resources to be fully dedicated to keeping Arizona one of the greatest states to live in.

Taking the politics out of government is something you can look forward to from me. As such, the fight will be vigorous, but I know we are ready for it. I know this race demands strength and resolve, but also love and hope, for this is a time of change — let us together make it a change for the good.

Your Vote Matters.

Why should you vote for me?

I will uphold our Constitution and work for the people of Arizona

Solve Our Border Issue Once and For All

When President Reagan gave amnesty to illegal aliens, we were told from then on out the United States would get serious about...


When prices rise and growth slows, a recession is imminent. Paola’s business experience separates her from all the other candidates in the race for Arizona’s next Chief Executive Officer.

Create Economic Opportunity

The best sign that economic opportunity is working is giving people a chance to improve their circumstances.

Secure Election Integrity

Voting is a right that every American of proper age is eligible to access. We should be certain that every legal vote cast counts.

Revolutionize Arizona Education- Keep America Strong

We are witnessing the dumbing down of America. A clear example of this is the sheer number of college graduates who have disdain for their own country. America, at its core, they have been taught, is rotten, racist....

American Success School Vouchers & Public schools

Remember President Obama ending the Washington D.C. school voucher program? I do. Obama’s outrageous iniquity against our kids. When President Trump succeeded President Obama, we.....

Real Youth Prison Reform for Arizona

Here is an interesting thought to pass on to you, especially if you reside in Arizona. The first jail system in America to institute a high school in the jail was the system run by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Yes, Sheriff Joe Arpaio began a program of success behind. bars....

Gun Rights

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”.....

Water Allocation Rights

We need to demand that adequate water allocation be given to Arizona. Our population has increased from 2 million to over 7 million. The Federal Government owns 48% of our land and good leadership will...

Key Points

Paola Tulliani Zen is recognized as a fierce competitor by the people. She is gaining speed in this race!

I Will Do The Job You Have Been Waiting For:

As an accomplished Arizona businesswoman,
I will run this government efficiently and get results for WE THE PEOPLE

“They call me an elitist, but I have worked my entire life for everything I attained. This is what we need to believe about America – that everything is possible. If I can do it – others can”

Paola Tulliani Zen

“For Such A Time As This” . . . Esther 4:14


Let’s create resources that give everyone opportunity. A resurgence of Arizona’s quality of life will make us one of the best states in which to live. Our leaders are in gridlock on many issues that we are facing. I am determined to unite and break this barrier, moving Arizona forward with positive change for our people. Those who attempt to go into the swamp risk becoming covered in quicksand. We must fight to stop this destructive gridlock cycle.

I am a successful innovative business person. I am compassionate and will always strive to do what is right for the people of Arizona, determined to make this a great state. Families will choose this state because their children will thrive and succeed with the revolutionized education available. Education will save our country.