Cost-of-Living Crisis (Inflation-Stagflation) :

When prices rise and growth slows, a recession is imminent. Paola’s business experience separates her from all the other candidates in the race for Arizona’s next Chief Executive Officer. Paola is ahead of the curve and plans to help Arizonans during the tougher times ahead. To help buffer against the current “cost-of-living crisis” that the Federal Reserve and the Biden Administration have caused, Paola will fight to repeal the food tax and eliminate property and state income tax for seniors. She also will be working with a business task force of banking, farming, ranching and other companies to help get prices down and supply chain problems fixed. Creating economic opportunity and prosperity for all Arizonans is Job #1 for Paola.

Solve Our Border Issue Once and For All:

When President Reagan gave amnesty to illegal aliens, we were told from then on out the United States would get serious about enforcement. The laws exist but our leaders seem fear the media and lack the political will to act. They talk a good story about their plans but never get anything done. Remember McCain’s call to “build the dang fence?” All show and no go have been the case.

Enough is enough! We must seize the moment while it is still daylight. Governors, need to step up now and do what the Federal government will not do! Enforce the law. Protect America!

This Administration Encourages the Tidal Wave of Humanity from other countries. They ignore the damage done to our way of life as well as the risks to the aliens. Americans are killed in record numbers from illegal drugs brought in as well as the atrocities committed by some of these aliens. Hard working American citizens are forced to pay billions of dollars every year to people that shouldn’t be in this country in the first place! Even aliens truly just seeking a better life are at risk.

• People leaving their homeland for America are almost guaranteed to suffer abuse by cartel “coyotes” operating these border pipelines transporting human victims and dangerous drugs. Cartels work freely to subject women and children to great atrocities. Children are given condoms because they know they are likely to be assaulted. Many die along the way and many die in our Arizona desert. Their time is coming to meet justice!

• As Arizona Governor, I will unite with other states’ Governors to demand Congress immediately amend the immigration system which is currently a national disaster. But first, we must stop the invasion! United Governors will reach out to Mexican leaders to create a cohesive deterrent plan. I am aware that Governors are not allowed to make treaties with foreign governments; nothing stops them from making cooperative agreements.

• Immigration/Asylum Judges/Hearing Officers are placed at the borders to address credible fear claims and immigration issues. 9 out of 10 of these aliens would immediately be returned to Mexico as they do not meet our current standards. Instead, the Federal government ignores the law and currently releases these unknown aliens and any accompanying diseases they have into our country with court dates being 5-7 years away before resolution. Estimates are that less than 10% will appear for their court dates.

• I will provide additional resources to support our sheriffs and authorize them to arrest as previously approved by Trump. The Governor, Attorney General, and Arizona Sheriffs need to get serious and organize executing strategies to protect our Americans and then fight to change the immigration statutes closing the door at last. Unfortunately, the wall and technology can only be effective when the laws on immigration and the method for claiming asylum are enforced.

• Stop the invasion first and Implement serious defense technology. Finish the border wall. Then fix the system to benefit Americans! Let’s take Our Arizona Back!

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BORDER: According to our Constitution, The Federal government holds the right to deport and according to the Arizona constitution, we have the right to arrest but not deport. It is also clear we cannot arrest everyone. Imagine arresting 100,000 or 200,000 illegal aliens. How could Arizona manage this magnitude of the arrest? It’s just not feasible. However, arresting some will discourage many from coming. Make them serve their sentence and then give them to the feds. Keeping them locked up disrupts their timeline for opportunities they are seeking. Take away their opportunities and you take the reason to come illegally.

Secure Election Integrity:

Voting is a right that every American of proper age is eligible to access. They should be certain that each and every one of their votes counts.
My office will strengthen the voting system, we need to take advantage of the opportunity afforded to us by the voting booth. And whether I agree with you or not, it is your right as an American to vote for the candidate of your choice.

• Voter Rolls will be cleaned and updated.

• Voter ID required.

• Organize and be proactive in implementing an equal amount of Democratic and Republican ballot count volunteers and supervisors.

• Develop a secure ballot ID that belongs to only one voter.

• Mail-in ballots approved to military, shut-ins, and special requests only.

• Decertify and remove all non-secure voting machines.

• Divide Maricopa County into 4 sections to better manage the ballot count and to meet the result deadline.

• Review our present process and help plan revisions prior to election day for a better outcome. Arizona voters will be confident in the accuracy of election results.

Create Economic Opportunity

The best sign that economic opportunity is working is giving people a chance to improve their circumstances.

As Governor, I will fight for great education and job opportunities that remove barriers to success. I will loosen the economic freedom that lifts everyone. I know when people keep more of what they earn, everyone in Arizona will benefit. I pledge as your Governor to keep taxes low and opportunities to succeed high, by cutting regulations on businesses and freeing up capital for companies to expand and hire more employees. We will search out companies to relocate to Arizona that will benefit our state.

I will also examine the blueprint found in states like Florida and Texas which have no state income taxes and low taxes overall. The best of the best is worth reviewing and emulating. In my business experience, and I have not only built a business, but I have also built a successful brand that has outlived my stewardship, “Success happens when we are prepared.”

Revolutionize Arizona Education- Keep America Strong

We are witnessing the dumbing down of America.

A clear example of this is the sheer number of college graduates who have disdain for their own country. America, at its core, they have been taught, is rotten, racist, and abusive, especially in its dealings with other countries. The embodiment of this kind of education can be found in one of the loudest voices in American life today. We must educate our children correctly. And so, the education system must allow for accountability in the classroom, provide for parental freedom through school choice, and establish measurable and accurate testing to determine if our teaching methods are effective among the basic subjects.

As your Governor, we will remake the education system from A to Z! When we are done, parents, students, and educators will have a greater appreciation for the learning setting like the one we will be providing in Arizona, where everyone involved is working towards the same goal – producing well-rounded individuals who are schooled in the basics, who will be confident and successful in the career path they choose. Education is what keeps America Strong.

We rank #49 in Education in the country LETS BECOME #1

• Reduce class sizes resulting in better student performance and teacher success.

• Acquire and implement proven, successful curriculums and teaching models for all age student groups.

• Vocational curriculum offered to middle and high school students aimed at helping them discover their talents and preparing them for diverse work opportunities.

• Preschool available providing children a head start.

• Mandatory tutoring available in the early years for children requiring a BOOST in order to better develop their learning skills. Tutoring to continue especially in English through high school. Give real meaning to “No child left behind.”

• Funding for pro-American programs only. ” American Education for ALL”

BREAK-THROUGH Empowerment Class which motivates, encourages, and empowers students to be the BEST they can be. Help our kids deal with school and life issues such as drugs and bullying.

American Success School Vouchers & Public schools

Remember President Obama ending the Washington D.C. school voucher program? I do. Obama’s outrageous inequity against our kids. When President Trump succeeded President Obama, he observed that by ending the voucher program in D.C. and elsewhere, the Democratic Party had trapped millions of African-American and Hispanic youths in failing government schools that deny them the opportunity to join the ladder of American success.

Charter schools and private schools are pushing public schools to do better by providing a much-needed competitive landscape to education. We need our public schools to be competitive and begin to revolutionize the quality of education for our country. Unfortunately, the program had fallen victim to education politics. But teachers unions such as the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) argue that charter schools drain students and funding from struggling public schools. Public schools need to compete and deliver quality education for the future of our society.

Under my leadership the state of Arizona will put students and parents first. We will do so by not abandoning public schools as we promote school choice, but by strengthening them at the same time.

Real Youth Prison Reform for Arizona

Here is an interesting thought to pass on to you, especially if you reside in Arizona. The first jail system in America to institute a high school in the jail was the system run by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Yes, Sheriff Joe Arpaio began a program of success behind bars for young people who were incarcerated at a time when they should have been enjoying their high school years, getting an education, and a diploma. He called the high school Hard Knocks High. During his 24-year tenure of Sheriff, he saw thousands of “kids” get their high school diplomas while in jail and when they were released into freedom, they were equipped with a diploma and a better chance at landing a job. Programs such as this can be duplicated in prisons run by the state. As Governor, I will not let our young people doing time in state prison facilities be left to themselves and to perils that await them when they are released. We will take an active interest in their rehabilitation through academic education, drug and alcohol awareness programs, and religious instruction. To this last point, when young people begin to gain knowledge of things that are bigger than themselves, and this may be controversial I know, but it truly begins to shed a light on becoming a better person.

As Governor, I will give them that chance without apology. What better crime prevention solution is there than a changed life? It is a terrible and wretched system that allows the youth in jail to become trapped in the system to where they ultimately spend a lifetime in the prison culture. Real freedom comes when everyone is given opportunities to make good choices that lead to good and virtuous lives that aid mankind and not plague mankind. There but by the grace of God is more than a saying, it is a call to build a path to redemption for those who need it the most. It makes us fight harder for the unfortunate and the downcast who have been deemed irredeemable.

Gun Rights

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This right, under my watch as Governor of Arizona, will be supported and protected as necessary. Remember, not too long ago some then prominent Democrat said, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.” Not in my Arizona! Not while I am Governor!

Water Allocation Rights

We need to demand that adequate water allocation be given to Arizona. Our population has increased from 2 million to over 7 million. The Federal Government owns 48% of our land and good leadership will negotiate the release back into our hands. Additionally, other sources of unused water need to be redirected where needed.